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7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019 - Belle Escape
2019 Home Furnishing Trends

7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019

Before you start redecorating this year, take a look at 7 inspiring furniture trends for 2019. Much like fashion, furniture trends often express our collective sentiments. So it’s not surprising th...

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French Country Dining Table Guide - Belle Escape
Dining room tables

French Country Dining Table Guide

A beautiful French Country dining table does more than simply create a marvelous focal point in your home. It also serves as a comfortable gathering place for your friends and family. How to choose...

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Rustic French Country Decorating - Belle Escape
French country chairs

Rustic French Country Decorating

Rustic French country interiors are at once sophisticated and rustic, elegant and eclectic. When choosing rustic French country furnishings, you'll quickly discover that almost anything goes. The l...

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French bedroom furniture

Modern French Furniture

Modern French furniture offers magnificent details that pair the look of classic vintage French furnishings with cosmopolitan accents. Think of a classic fauteuil with a heavily ornamented frame an...

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Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires - Belle Escape
french armoire

Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires

French armoires can fill a space like no other piece of furniture. Imposing, regal and stylish, armoires are quintessential statements pieces that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These days...

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Farmhouse cabinets

Fabulous French Country Cabinets

French Country cabinets are unparalleled in style, function, and versatility. Use these charming cabinets in living rooms to display pictures, books and treasured objects, in dining areas to st...

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French Country Furniture Flair - Belle Escape
French country

French Country Furniture Flair

Add French Country flair to your home with beautifully painted sideboards and chests, mesh wire cabinets and rustic pedestal and trestle tables. French Country decor is popular worldwide. It strike...

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Sunny Colors of Provence Decor - Belle Escape
French country furniture

Sunny Colors of Provence Decor

One of France’s most beloved regions, Provence has a rich tapestry of colors that constitute its palette. The furnishings and decor take their cue from nature and the surroundings. Under the bright...

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cottage chic furniture

French Country Dining Room Furniture

French County style dining rooms are warm and inviting spaces that allow guests to pull up a chair and linger over a dinner with friends and family. French Country design has been around for centu...

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The Versatile French Chest - Belle Escape
cottage chic furniture

The Versatile French Chest

The traditional chest of drawers used for storing clothes in your bedroom has transformed into a piece that is both functional and decorative for other parts of the home as well. A necessity in the...

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