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Article: Modern French Furniture

Modern French Furniture

Modern French furniture offers magnificent details that pair the look of classic vintage French furnishings with cosmopolitan accents. Think of a classic fauteuil with a heavily ornamented frame and modern nailhead trim, or a modern chandelier positioned above a rustic French country table. Graceful floral designs, soft, natural fabrics, and a light, neutral color palette provide inspiration for creating a home that is comfortable and on trend.
modern french room
Photo Source: House Beautiful
Photo Source: Indulgy
Modern metal chandeliers, furniture with French words, rustic wood, and a lovely assortment of textured fabrics in a neutral color palette combine to create a haven that speaks volumes. A testament to individuality, a romantic getaway, a place to relax. Whatever your goal, modern French furniture provides you with a splendid way to express your style.
Photo Source: Decor Pad
Play with the look by incorporating un-fussy details. Modern metal tables, colorful tufted seating inspired by classic vintage French furnishings, and whimsical wall art come together to create thoroughly modern spaces that offer an elegant yet uncomplicated look. A mirrored chest in an intimate bedroom setting or a rustic bench in a contemporary loft? When decorating with modern French furniture, both of these inspired options make perfect sense.
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When mixing classic vintage French furnishings with modern accents, it is possible to accomplish a look that features plenty of exciting contrast, or one that offers a feeling of understated charm. The thought of pairing an acrylic table with ornate Louis XV or Louis XVI seating might seem shocking at first, but this example of modern French furniture is one that can work beautifully.
modern french room_vintage
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With just a few simple pieces, you can create an idyllic hideaway that manages to be elegant, nostalgic, and comfortable in a way that is both sumptuous and unique. The new look of modern French furniture - luxurious vintage pieces, sparkling chandeliers, and magnificent modern touches, like mirrored chests, metal accent tables and acrylic tables, is timelessly attractive and always stylish.
You can find a mix of modern and vintage French furniture items, like the ones below, to create the this look at Belle Maison, an online furniture boutique.

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