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Article: 7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019

7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019 - Belle Escape

7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019

Before you start redecorating this year, take a look at 7 inspiring furniture trends for 2019. Much like fashion, furniture trends often express our collective sentiments. So it’s not surprising that 2019’s home furnishings trends are aimed at satisfying some basic needs and demonstrate that while external factors may feel a bit chaotic, we can always create a secure oasis within our own home. Many of the 2019 home furnishing trends bring feelings of security, strength, and stability, while others satisfy our desire for a sense of tranquility, authenticity, and balance. For example:
  • Art deco furnishings are both modern and nostalgic, hearkening back to a playful and romantic period of time.
  • Furnishings with curvy lines, rich green colors, and natural fabrics create a calming, well-balanced vibe.
  • Furniture with matte black finishes and gleaming metal bases make a home feel stronger and safer.
  • Hand-made furniture, especially pieces custom-made just for you, satisfy our need for individual expression and authenticity.
Read on to learn more about 7 Inspiring Furniture Trends for 2019, designed to transform your home into a place of beauty, authenticity and stability.
Trend 1: Art Deco Glam Style
With curving lines, lush fabrics, mixed metals, and luxe lighting, today’s Art Deco furniture trends mingle the comfort we crave with the glamorous looks we long for. This trend also features plenty of furnishings in blush tones which are popular this year.
Art Deco Living Room with Pink Armchairs
Parisian Glam Furnishings
Trend 2: Rich Green Seating
Sophisticated, calming, luxurious, and thought-provoking: Rich green seating has it all. This beautiful furniture trend brings a sense of refinement to your space while pairing wonderfully with the natural materials and botanical touches we’ve come to know and love. Because gorgeous green seating often embraces the ethos of the Art Deco movement, this is a two-in-one trend that’s easy to incorporate into a variety of settings. Try a luscious green velvet sofa, or simply add an armchair or two. Either way, the look is irresistible.
Green Sitting Area
Trend 3: Natural Fiber Furnishings
With natural fabrics come feelings of peace and calm. Neutral naturals have been in for a while now, and are easily mingled with your favorite Boho Chic furnishings. Adding minimalistic designs, natural fabrics, and neutral colors is an effortless way to make this furniture trend yours while staying true to your style persona. Try simple pillows, throws, wall hangings, or a cozy sling chair.
Natural Fibers and textures Living Room
Trend 4: Metal Based Seating
Metal based seating melds strength and comfort while imparting a sense of contemporary glamour. This detail is one that can easily encompass a few other furniture trends including art deco, luxe green seating, curvy furnishings, and more. Try unique seating such as counter stools, a chaise lounge, or a tufted bench.
Metal Based Chaise Lounge
Metal Base SeatingTrend 5: Black Matte Furniture
Matte black furnishings ground your space while providing contrast. Richly dramatic whether used in seating, mirrors, or lighting, it’s ideal for furnishings such as credenzas and dining tables, too. Like a fine charcoal drawing, this furniture trend is one that will stand the test of time.
Matte Black Dining Room
Matte Black furnishings
Trend 6: Curvy Furniture
With something as simple as a rounded-back chair, you can easily add a sense of comfort to any space while imparting effortless visual interest. The perfect curvy furniture for your home? It might be an interesting bombe chest, or it might take the form of a boho chic chair.
Curved Accent Chair
Curved furnishingsTrend 7: Authentic Hand Made Furniture
Authentic, hand made furniture timely – and timeless. This furniture trend extends to the realm of decorative objects as well, so look for beautiful lamps, pillows, and throws to bring a unique, artistic touch to your home.
Authentic Hand Made Furniture
Hand made furniture items from Belle Escape
In 2019, when you are looking to furnish your home or update a room or two, consider these current home furnishing trends and how they can add a touch of comfort and strength to your dwelling and transform it into a lovely haven that will put family and friends alike at ease.

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