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Article: French Country Furniture Flair

French Country Furniture Flair - Belle Escape
French country

French Country Furniture Flair

Add French Country flair to your home with beautifully painted sideboards and chests, mesh wire cabinets and rustic pedestal and trestle tables. French Country decor is popular worldwide. It strikes the perfect balance of beauty and comfort that easily fits into elegant homes and country cottages alike. Country French aficionados love the vibrant hues, classic patterns and rustic accents that give a warm and cozy feel to any room. A wonderful distressed, painted or carved French Country cabinet can bring attention to a lovely collection or provide storage for serving pieces or family room items. Place a painted French country sideboard in an unexpected location, for example in the entryway and accent it with vintage candles, pottery and plants to add a slice of old France in your home.  
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.13.46 PM
There are so many different ways to decorate your dining room in French Country style. French country dining tables include round pedestal tables, wood trestle tables with metal stretchers or painted dining tables with motifs on the top border. And while traditional French country dining chairs boasted ladder backs and patterned seats, today's French country options include French shabby chic chairs with rattan backs, upholstered chairs with French scripted writing, colorfully painted chairs with cabriole leg or simply wood and metal Parisian Cafe chairs. The accents, including Parisian Flea Market chandeliers, vintage mirrors, and aged candle holders tie the look together.
french country dining tables
You can make a space truly remarkable with a painted French chest in a whimsical or elegant design. Hand-painted French chests with unique embellishments can transform an ordinary room into a stylish place with a soul.
French country style headboards
French Country home accents complete the look and they are rarely just decorative. They usually have an undertone of usefulness: candlesticks that can be pulled off shelves for service, jugs and jars that house kitchen staples, baskets that corral plump produce from the garden or large clocks that keep time for all. Simple yet elegant - unaffected by decor trends and fashion, this timeless home decorating style fits comfortably into any home without feeling antique.
french country display cabinets
french country buffets and sideboards
french country dining tables
french painted chests
french country decor
For more decorating ideas, visit Belle Escape's collection of French country furnishings.

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