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Article: Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires

Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires - Belle Escape
french armoire

Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires

French armoires can fill a space like no other piece of furniture. Imposing, regal and stylish, armoires are quintessential statements pieces that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These days, armoires are used in every room in the home for a multitude of purposes.  
shabby chic armoires
Photo Attribution: ebay
Traditionally, French style armoires were used to hang or store clothing because European homes of days gone by did not have those functional areas we call "closets".    While spacious closets are the norm today, armoires continue to delight lovers of French style who want to add a bit of old world romanticism to their bedroom.
painted and distressed armoires
Photo Attribution: Found on Belgian Pearls Blogspot
This spectacular Dutch armoire with a heavily distressed patina finish is truly the focal point of this dining area. Armoires are increasingly popular as buffet cabinets to store china, linens, silver and other dining room essentials behind the beautiful doors of an elegant armoire.  
shabby chic armoires
Photo Attribution: Hvitur Lakkris blog
An armoire in the guest room is perfect for storing  extra linens while also offering some drawer space. And an armoire in the nursery serves a similar purpose - a beautiful decorative place to hang clothes and store bedding, diapers, toys and more.
vintage french armoire
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Consider all of the extra storage a vintage French armoire could bring by adding one in a bath room for storing linens, soaps and supplies. Armoires are also often used as media cabinets, and it is easy to see why. A large open space for the television and plenty of storage below for DVD's, cable boxes, sound equipment and more. For those who don't want their living room dominated by a flat screen TV,  an attractive armoire might be the perfect solution.
freanch country armoire
There are so many ways to creatively use an armoire in your home. Not only do they add that functional storage we could all use a little more of, but they look beautiful doing it. No more clutter, just a lovely, organized working space behind closed doors. Painted, distressed, mirrored or stained wood, Belle Escape
can help you find one that will fit nicely into your desired space.  Then, let the creative juices flow!

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