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boho hanging chairs

Cozy Hygge Spaces

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Gah) comes from the Norwegian word meaning "well-being". It has been adopted by the Danish as a way of life. Cozy and inviting as if being wrapped in a big hug by your surroun...

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Sail Away with Nautical Rope Decor - Belle Escape
Natural Coastal Furniture and decor

Sail Away with Nautical Rope Decor

For a look that is both natural and coastal, add nautical rope furniture and decor to your home. From abaca rope to woven seagrass, woven rope products have been around for thousands of years due t...

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Escape to Provence - Belle Escape
distressed buffets

Escape to Provence

Escape to Provence, the southern region of France that boasts a jewel of diverse landscapes including the lush vineyards, olive groves, colorful villages, dramatic mountain ranges, and the beautifu...

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Coastal Cottage Decor - Belle Escape
boho chic hanging chair

Coastal Cottage Decor

Cool ocean breezes, warm sand and the sound of crashing waves are just a few of our favorite things about coastal living. Whether you are wishing to redecorate a seaside retreat or just bring a mor...

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Rustic Accents for the Home - Belle Escape
nature inspired wall art

Rustic Accents for the Home

Rustic accents can add warmth and character to a home. Perfect for a mountain retreat, lakeside living or just to provide rustic flair, these items will transform your home with a look of rich craf...

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contemporary glamour furniture

Parisian Glam Furnishings

Photo Credit: Summer Thornton Design Beautiful, intriguing, and comfortably luxurious, Parisian glam furnishings bring vintage and modern elements together. The real beauty of this style lies i...

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Create the Perfect Escape Home - Belle Escape
beach home decorating

Create the Perfect Escape Home

If you find yourself dreaming of visiting faraway places, why not create the perfect escape home? Here are 8 ways to create something that sweeps you away every time you walk into a room. Whether y...

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Unique Round Dining Tables - Belle Escape
Farmhouse Dining Tables

Unique Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are incredibly practical, but that’s not all. With a round table, it’s simple to create a sense of harmony and intimacy – and unique options heighten your dining room’s ambiance...

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Get the French Provincial Furniture Style - Belle Escape
French bedroom furniture

Get the French Provincial Furniture Style

By Kelly Duvall French Provincial furniture is sophisticated, yet traditional. Elegant, yet casual. Romantic, yet unfussy. The French Provence decorating style originated in the country mano...

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8 Essential Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas - Belle Escape
Farmhouse chic furnishings

8 Essential Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse decor has become wildly popular in recent years and the trend continues. Farmhouse home furnishings provide a welcome escape from today's fast-paced, digital life and a return to a...

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