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Article: 8 Essential Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

8 Essential Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas - Belle Escape

8 Essential Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse decor has become wildly popular in recent years and the trend continues. Farmhouse home furnishings provide a welcome escape from today's fast-paced, digital life and a return to a more down-to-earth, earthy way of life.  Modern farmhouse decorating combines white and black pieces with rustic and industrial furnishings for a look that is both warm and refreshing.
1 - Whimsical Farmhouse Decor
The easiest way to get the farmhouse look is to add a few decorative items to your home. Wood plank farmhouse artwork above your fireplace or sofa is a great start. Farmhouse clocks, storage bins and metal baskets will bring a dash of farmhouse charm to any room.
2 - Rustic Dining Tables
rustic farm style dining talbes
The centerpiece of farmhouse decorating is the rustic family farmhouse dining table, which can be painted and heavily distressed or simply made from rustic reclaimed wood. Farmhouse dining table are usually chunky and hearty, serving as multi-purpose tables for both dining and creative projects.
3 - Industrial Cafe Chairs
Rustic farmhouse dining tables are usually paired with industrial cafe style chairs, which can be made from metal or a mix of wood and metal. the light and airy feel of industrial cafe chairs, with cross backs and metal legs, contrast nicely with the chunky farmhouse table . 
4 - Farm Style Buffets
Modern farmhouse buffets are often finished in a mix of white and black while more traditional farmhouse sideboards are usually heavily distressed in shades of creamy white or gray. Some farmhouse buffets boast sliding barn doors, for a classic farmhouse look and feel.
5 - Farmhouse Shelves
Farmhouse Shelves and Ladders
Farmhouse decorating isn't complete without functional shelves in the kitchen area to store various types of food and linens. Shelving with metal chicken wire bins is particularly popular, a style that has French country roots. Metal white and black farmhouse shelves are affordable and fun and leaning shelves are a staple of modern farmhouse decor.
6 - Rustic Accent Tables
Rustic Accent tables that blend wood and metal are particularly popular in farmhouse decorating. White plank wood coffee tables with sliding barn doors, distressed side tables and industrial metal and wood accent tables go a long way in creating a warm and inviting feeling in your living room. Place them around a large, comfy sofa or next to over-sized chairs. 
7 - Bins & Crates
Farmhouse Bind and Crates
No farmhouse interior is complete without decorative bins and crates. Traditionally, farm style homes made use of crates and bins that carried grain, milk bottles and eggs and re-purposed them around the home as accent tables and storage containers. These vintage-looking pieces are functional and add a great deal of charm to your farmhouse decor.
8 - Rustic Metal Lighting
Finally, rustic metal lighting adds the finishing touches to your modern farmhouse decor. Chicken wire chandeliers and rustic iron pendants are the perfect way to illuminate your farm style decor.
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