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Article: Create the Perfect Escape Home

Create the Perfect Escape Home - Belle Escape

Create the Perfect Escape Home

If you find yourself dreaming of visiting faraway places, why not create the perfect escape home? Here are 8 ways to create something that sweeps you away every time you walk into a room. Whether you dream of being on the beach, visiting Europe or hiking ancient trails, discover how to get the look and feel of your favorite destination spot.


1. French Chateau Style

Creating the look and feel of a French chateau is one of the easiest looks to achieve and never goes out of style. The French chateau look works in any room. An easy and inexpensive way to get this look is to simply add a French chandelier, trumeau mirror, or a pair of French candle holders to any room. For a more romantic effect, you can add a French country style dining table to your dining room, a french cabriole sofa to your living room or a chaise lounge to your bedroom. Discover  the look: French Chateau Furnishings


2. Nature Trails

If you dream of hiking up mystical trails and sleeping in an exotic treehouse, the natural boho look is the perfect way to create an escape home. This style has become increasingly popular as people seek to bring a bit of nature indoors. This look goes great in a living room or guest room. You can add a macrame chair or rope swing chair, along with a natural beaded chandeliers and a tree stump accent table. Discover the look: Natural Boho Style Furnishings


3. Coastal Escape

One of the most popular ways to create an oasis home is to add some coastal cottage accent pieces. Adding coastal art, pillows, vases, and lamps is an easy way to transform your living room into a coastal escape. To immerse yourself, you can add a white distressed coastal shadowbox coffee table or accent table and some aqua blue or distressed white rattan chairs. Discover the Look: Coastal Cottage Furnishings


4. Island Getaway

For those of you dreaming of the islands, whether it's Bora Bora, Fiji, Bali or St. Bartz, the island getaway look is right escape home decor for you! You can start by simply adding some wispy white curtains, a few boho style pillows, and some exotic plants. But to really get the island feel, you can decorate with some woven shaggy stools, rainforest chandeliers, and even an authentic tiki-style daybed. Discover the Look: Island Getaway Furnishings


5. Sandy Beach

Ah, the simple pleasures in life...just walking barefoot in the warm sand with the sun shining down as soft waves roll in. The p. You can bring this feeling into your home by adding a few simple pieces, like natural seashell artwork, rattan stools, and a rope-bound pendant chandelier.  Natural coastal pieces are timeless and blend well with traditional, industrial and cottage style decor. Discover the Look: Natural Coastal Furnishings


6. Parisian Cafe

If you're dreaming of strolling down the wide boulevards of Paris and stopping for an espresso and a buttery croissant, then Parisian cafe decor is a must! This look is so easy to create and can fit into a nook anywhere in your home or out on the terrace. All you need is a small bistro table, a set of Parisian cafe chairs, and some ceramic expresso cups, and voila, your ready to enjoy your morning (and afternoon) cup of coffee "Parisian style". Discover the Look: French Country Furnishings


7. Provence Living

The sights and smells of Provence are unforgettable. Decorating in the Provincial style remains one of the oldest and most popular types to this day. The focal point is the dining table with ornate carvings in rustic wood, surrounded by aged and timeless carved chairs. In the background, you'll always find a Provincial-style buffet or cabinet, which are always unique works of art, with ornate carvings and often with painted scrolls and flowers. Just make sure to add plenty of lavender flowers! Discover the Look: French Provincial Furnishings


8. Sail Away Every Day

If you love to sail the high seas, then some boating pieces are just what you need to create the perfect escape. From boat-themed chest and cabinets to anchor accent tables and boating themed signs, there are so many ways to get the look and feel of sailing away. Discover the Look: Boat Themed Furnishings

Live your dream every day by creating the perfect escape home with beautiful furnishings from Belle Escape. 


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