Escape to Provence
Escape to Provence, the southern region of France that boasts a jewel of diverse landscapes including the lush vineyards, olive groves, colorful villages, dramatic mountain ranges, and the beautiful French Riviera. The decor of homes in this region reflect the sunny weather and French Country traditions the people share here. The furnishings are hand-crafted and passed down through generations. 
The heart of any home in Provence is the kitchen and dining area. With warm wood tones and unpretentious finishes and materials, the room should be welcoming and relaxed, yet still elegant. Charming French country buffets, French country dining tables, and functional, French country dining chairs are featured.  
Provence Style kitchen
The Glam Pad
Provincial dining room
So Much Better With Age 
At the core of French Provincial interior design is color.  Soft, muted and neutral, French Provincial color palettes are simple and fairly silent. Warm beiges, subtle grays, creamy whites are seen often and they flow together easily.  Accents come in forms of natural elements such as flowers and greenery, local ceramics, baskets and pottery.
Provence sitting area
Provence seating
Kitchen Trends
French Provincial living rooms are luxurious, yet still enjoyable and useable. Crucial to the balance of the room is a casually elegant french provincial sofa perfectly upholstered in natural fabric in a neutral color. Linen and slipcover cotton are the fabrics of choice when choosing a sofa. Ensure that the furnishings are not matching, but rather a collection of new and old and treasured items. The French countryside is filled with buildings that have stood for centuries and you want your decor to fit in with this esthetic. French accent chairs with wood elements are an outstanding complement to a sofa. Display Cabinets made of rustic wood or with a distressed finish is an excellent way to add height to the room, as well as added storage. A French Provincial coffee table is a key anchor to this space. Rustic wood coffee tables or oversized tufted ottomans with distressed wood legs are beautiful options.
Provence style living room
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Provence Living area
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French Provincial style has endured for centuries is because people like to bring a touch of the country lifestyle into their homes while able to build on it over time. The comfortable French elegance translates to so many regions throughout the world because the look is relevant, personal, and unique.

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