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Article: Restored French Antique Furniture

Restored French Antique Furniture - Belle Escape

Restored French Antique Furniture

Restored French antique furniture pieces have been lovingly restored to accommodate modern living in our new "One-of-a-kind" collection. These pieces leave all of the integrity and artistic value of the item untouched while insuring the item remains sturdy and in excellent condition. Most of our restored antiques have been stripped of any paint and sanded and bleached to reveal the underlying natural beauty of the wood, which can then be stained or waxed to protect the finish. The historical significance of these pieces can add old world charm to your decor with the unmatched beauty of a rare antique.

French Antique Armoires and Cabinets

French Antique Armoires and Cabinets

Discover the beauty of owning a French restored antique armoire or cabinet with intricate hand-carvings and charming details. Armoires can be used in just about every room in your home for extra hidden storage or even use as a media cabinet. When you want to show off a collection try our selection of display cabinets. These cabinets often have paned glass doors to protect your valuables and sometimes a hint of contrasting color to highlight your collectibles. Each piece has been restored to the highest quality for use as a multi-generational heirloom.


French Antique Tables and Chairs 

 photo: Home Made by Carmona

 When owning a crafted European set of antique chairs and dining table, it makes you wonder who, over its lifetime, sat and ate the meal at the same table. Was it a family like yours? What stories did they tell about the times they lived in? Create your own history with these vintage marvels restored to stand the test of time. 


French Antique Buffets and Sideboards

photo: Edith & Evelyn

Our French antique buffets and sideboards create a fresh take on a vintage look. With classic profiles of French and European designs, these pieces will become the heart and soul of your dining room. Cabinet doors open up to shelving space for hidden storage of your favorite items. 

With new containers coming in weekly, check back often to discover one-of-a-kind French antique treasures that you and your family will cherish.  

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