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Article: Choosing Statement Pieces for Your Home

Choosing Statement Pieces for Your Home - Belle Escape

Choosing Statement Pieces for Your Home

Statement pieces are bold and unique and, as the name implies, make a statement about the owner’s personal style. They inject character into a room with hand-carved details, vibrant colors, original artwork, and intricate details. A well-chosen piece of statement furniture can completely transform a room and is often termed a “conversation piece.” It is the piece of furniture that turns guests’ heads and gets them talking. For the homeowner who seeks to stand out from the crowd and create an interior that reflects his or her individuality, incorporating statement furniture is key.
To choose the perfect statement pieces for your home, consider not only your style but also your interests. Those who are passionate about European history might incorporate hand-carved French reproduction pieces, such as Louis XV chairs with silk-screened artwork, hand-painted console tables, and elegant sofas and love seats.
french style dining chairs
Louis style Hall table
French sofas and settees
An outdoor lover who seeks to replicate the feeling of nature in her bedroom might choose a whimsical headboard with carved birds and hand-painted floral artwork, or hand-painted chests displaying songbirds and vines.
Garden Cottage Headboard
Cottage style chest
cottage style chest
A collector might place a distressed shadowbox coffee table in his living room to showcase old family photographs and vintage keepsakes, or display a large, hand-carved cabinet to highlight books and decor.
coastal coffee table
Another way to choose statement furniture is first to discover a piece that you admire and let it define your style. The statement piece can then inspire how you decorate the remainder of the room, or even your entire home. A brightly painted French country hutch will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your dining room. To finish off the look, add a hand-painted table with paisley artwork and hand-carved wooden chairs. Then, bring French country elements into your kitchen with floral artwork or rooster décor.
display cabinet
french country dining chairs
door panel art
Furniture that has been painted with inspirational words and phrases will also make an original statement. A tall chest painted with French words can stand in a hall or entryway to spark intrigue from passersby, while a brightly painted cottage-style chest displaying "Greatest cup of coffee" is ideal for java lovers.
french words storage chest
For a truly individualized look, Belle Escape offers custom finishes on statement furniture to help achieve a look that is truly one of a kind. Remember that decorating your home is an opportunity to express your personality and discover even more about your style. Enjoy finding the statement pieces that will make your home uniquely yours! You can see more statement pieces below and at our online boutique.
cottage style buffet
boho chic style chest
Wine label chest
french country display cabinet

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