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Article: French Reproduction Furniture is Major Trend in 2011

French Reproduction Furniture is Major Trend in 2011 - Belle Escape
French country

French Reproduction Furniture is Major Trend in 2011

At Belle Escape, we like to keep on top of what the experts have to say about furniture trends. We were thrilled, of course, to find that top experts agree that "French furniture" is all the rage in 2011, especially pieces that couple classic forms with contemporary finishes and fabrics. Here are two articles by renown furniture experts that give a good overview of 2011 trends: Furniture Trends for 2011, by Abe Abbas, Furniture Guide Predictions for furniture and home furnishings trends for 2011 seem to center around much the same elements as we saw in 2010, but with enough changes that they end up looking different.
  • Retro Remains Strong
  • Patterns Galore
  • Science Fiction Meets Victorian
  • Color
  • French Influences
  • The Look of Art
  • Glass
  • Metallic Finishes and Accents
Top 5 Furniture Trends for 2011, By Bianca Reeves, Senior Buyer at the Furniture Market, UK Furniture and home furnishings now mimic the fashion industry; trends are set, color schemes change with the seasons and new styles are introduced. Society is becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to furnishing ones home with an ever growing number of home and property shows appearing on our television and interior designers popping up here and there to show us how easy it is to transform our home into a hospitable haven.  Furniture is the key to creating any look within a home; this can then be enhanced by introducing the relevant accessories to add color and texture to a room.  Below is a selection of the main furniture categories and the ambiance they can generate within a home:
  • Oak Furniture
  • French Furniture
  • Mirrored Furniture
  • Glass Coffee Tables
  • Designer Furniture
What's Hot in Home Furnishings in 2011, from the Belle Escape Blog
  • Furniture and Pillows with French Words
  • Weathered Furniture and Decor
  • Vintage French Style Furniture with Contemporary Fabrics
  • Elegant Furnishings in  Natural Reclaimed Wood
  • Peace, Love and Funk in High Style
We shall see which trends hold up, but we're betting that French style furniture, hand painted colorful furniture, and "furniture as art" will continue to rise in importance as homeowners increasingly enjoy expressing through individuality and sense of style through their furniture choices.

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