Elegant Bohemian Home Decorating
Living relaxed and carefree with a lot of mixed colors and designs has been the style of bohemian chic interiors, but did you know by steering this design style to a more natural and neutral palette you can also achieve an elegant look? Still maintaining a relaxed vibe, natural boho chic creates the perfect style for your inner hippie that longs for a peaceful oasis. A plethora of textures and materials from the woven or beaded chandeliers down to the faux fur rugs and pillows will make you and your guests want to curl up and linger for hours.

Without compromising the handmade or travel inspired pieces boho fans enjoy, these beloved items are still front and center. With intricately carved wood cabinets and buffets and beaded chandeliers, the look remains chic and easily accessible, yet elegant and refined. 


Elegant natural Boho style remains deeply personal, so in keeping with the neutral tones, add heirlooms, family photos and houseplants to create a space that is distinctly yours. Find your Elegant and Natural Boho Chic items today at BelleEscape.com.

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