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Article: Coastal Grandmother - Get the Look

Coastal Grandmother - Get the Look - Belle Escape

Coastal Grandmother - Get the Look

Coastal Grandmother has become a popular interior design style, one that is light and airy with a sophisticated feel. TikTok influencer Lex Nicoleta was the first to coin the phrase “coastal grandmother” and it has jumped style categories from fashion and design to now an entire lifestyle trend. Think Nancy Meyers movies such as Something's Gotta Give. So you don't live near the coast and you aren't a grandmother? No problem! This style can be incorporated anywhere for anyone and it's not just for summer decor.
 Cottage Blue Tufted Accent Chair Boho Rattan Orb Chandelier Surf and Sand Framed Art
Achieving the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic starts with an abundance of natural light and white walls to bounce that light. Add in a jute or sisal rug and rope or rattan lighting fixture to bring in a natural element of neutral color. Comfy, slipcovered sofas and seating give a welcoming feel and light blue decor will continue the coastal decorating theme.
The Home I Create
 Abaca Rope Accent Table Natural Coastal Abaca Chandelier

Coastal Marina Woven Rattan Bed

Keeping with the relaxed yet classic look, it is important to not go overboard with too many beachy elements. You want to keep the look clean and classy without looking cluttered and kitschy. Stick to natural colors of the seascape with a minimalist approach.
Coastal Grandmother living room
 Antique Linen Cabriole Arm Sofa Coastal Blue Table Lamp Reclaimed Door White Sideboard
Mindful layering of textures and natural colors with wood floors and furniture will help you create the coastal grandmother look. Grounding and soothing, Coastal Grandmother style may be the interior upgrade or home refresher you're looking for.
 Natural Cross Rattan Barrel Chair Coastal Bay Framed Wall Art Island Breeze Round Dining Table
Although this trend has more recently become popular, the style has been around for decades. Younger TikTok subscribers may have jumped on the recent bandwagon, but honestly, aspiring to have a welcoming coastal influenced home to friends and family is really what this trend is about.
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