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Article: Natural Boho Chic Style Elements

Natural Boho Chic Style Elements - Belle Escape

Natural Boho Chic Style Elements

Channel your inner hippie chick with natural elements that transform your space from "average" to beautifully bohemian chic. There's no need to go overboard: A few simple touches make a big difference!
White boho chic bedroom
Cozy, natural touches in neutral colors make for comfortable surroundings. Natural boho chic furnishings don't have to match; in fact, contrast heightens interest. At the same time, seek a few common threads. Here we see a wonderful carved sofa, as well as a coffee table with carved accents. While the carving isn't identical, the furniture colors are similar, so the look is balanced but not at all finicky.
boho chic living room
Textiles add fantastic texture; try macrame, woven rugs, velvet, and a perhaps a hodgepodge of shapely pillows. If color isn't really your thing, work with patterns and try mixing smooth textures with rougher ones.
white boho chic living room
Boho Chic furnishings and decor
Plants, metallic touches, and interesting shapes make the perfect additions to your boho chic interior! Wonderful in any room, these elements contrast beautifully with wicker and cane furnishings while complementing natural textiles. If you're not quite ready for a complete home makeover, consider creating a simple seating area.
Boho Chic sitting area
The neutral tones are peaceful and inviting; and while simple, the furnishings are oh-so comfortable. A simple chair, a throw, and a few pillows are all you need to create the foundation for a miniature retreat a la boho chic!
Boho Chic Dining Room
New and vintage items come together in boho chic fashion, and the same sensibility holds true for bohemian interiors. A mixture of heirlooms, crisp new upholstery, modern fixtures, and favorite natural elements coexist comfortably in the dining room, den, and bedroom.
white boho chic living room
 Photo source:
Note the many textures that come into play here: The smoothness of natural wood, the rugged durability of the carpet, and the open airiness of the wicker pendant shades add up to create a space that feels relaxed and inviting.
boho chic bedroom
Sometimes a boho chic bedroom is all you need! Textiles take center stage here, with woven and wood furnishings playing essential supporting roles. Romantic, relaxing, and easy to style, this space is the perfect place to dream of your next beach vacation.
What are your favorite boho chic style elements? We'd love to hear from you!

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