Tufted Chic Furnishings
Tufted furniture is right on trend for 2012 and is updated and modernized for a fresh new look. Tufting is the art of upholstering by pulling and puckering fabric through a thick layer of padding and fastening it in place with a button covered in the same fabric. It takes a steady hand and precise care, but the end result is magnificent. The fresh new look eliminates the traditional feel of tufting and allows it to blend well with many different styles and furnishings. Plush chairs like this French Chic Loft Chair and French Script Chair are perfect stand alone pieces that will complement any decor with their beauty.
tufted chairs
Belle Maison Francaise has many tufted pieces to choose from. Natural linen fabrics in neutral colors to add to the softness of the furnishings. Tufted chairs and sofas are in style, but have you considered a French tufted ottoman that can be cozy and functional too? This Square Tufted Elm Wood Ottoman is a great way to add a style. A coffee table with storage underneath and can provide extra seating when needed? Ideal for many households. The tufted furnishings may be a trend for 2012, but truly, "tufted" truly is an enduring style.
tufted sofas