French Burlap Stools
Wine crate stools are all the rage right now! Everything you are looking for in a small, compact size, these reclaimed wine crate stools are big multi-taskers. They can serve as extra seating, a handy ottoman, an instant coffee table with two pushed together, or best of all, extra storage with the top removable so you can easily store your small items inside. These wine crates feature French wine label motifs that add old world charm!
tufted ottomans
These burlap sac cubes are completely enveloped in burlap with a soft linen fabric seat and trim for extra comfort and texture. Store them out of the way under a console table when not in use and pull them out with their hand-sewn handles when company comes. The Burlap Article 68 Cube has a beautiful medallion stenciled to add style and flair to your home. The Burlap Sac de Moulin Cube is stenciled on one side to resemble the look of an antique French grain sac. Many to choose from, so hard to pick just one!
burlap stools