Introducing the Casablanca Collection
Moroccan style is a hip trend that is influencing decor with it's vibrant colors, artistic elements and exquisite details. Artisans are especially attracted to this style to add statement pieces to change the entire feel of a room. This furniture is often painted in colors that reflect the coastal areas of Morocco with blues and greens as in this sideboard and accent table, but also embracing their history with yellows, golds, and silvers from their desert region.
boho chic chest
Moroccan furniture is meant to reflect the natural world around us, so strong, sturdy wood and metal are selected as the canvas on which they produce intricate patterns and designs. Diamonds, squares and many other shapes are expertly carved and pierced into metal lanterns and hanging pendants and solid wood furniture. Mother of pearl is inlaid within this Moroccan-French Table and Octagonal Table in the typical Middle Eastern style of stunning patterns that are elaborate and detailed.
boho chic accent tables
The Moroccans fondness for strong colors is what makes it an obvious choice for many people wishing to add some excitement and exotic touches to their decor.  Not only are the colors stunning, but the pieces also hold an abundance of mosaic and fabrics to the furniture using silk, leather or wool tapestry. Embossed silver nickle is also used to create bold, shimmering pieces reminiscent of the Arabian Knights period, such as this Arabian Silver Table. You would have difficulty finding a piece of their furniture that is without any of these elements. Many times, all these patterns, fabrics and mosaics are combined in a single piece of furniture. Try adding a piece of Moroccan furniture to your decor and see how amazing the transformation can be!
boho chic mirrors