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Article: Home Decor Trends 2014

Home Decor Trends 2014 - Belle Escape

Home Decor Trends 2014

Bold, colorful, and sensual are just a few words that describe the newest designs being showcased at High Point Market this week. The latest home furnishing trends that will be showcased in retail stores in early 2014 certainly speak to a more carefree mood and a highly individualistic sense of style.  Designers are having fun with colors, blending retro and classic looks and making a statement with sexy shapes and artistic motifs. Take a look at what's on display at High Point Market right now.

Retro ChandeliersRetro lighting is all the rage this year, with 60s style rounded glass pieces mixed with modern metals and shapes.

buffets and sideboardsGreek is chic! Greek symbols and forms are everywhere, alluding to a modern day period of artistic exploration.

sofas and setteesEvery shade of gray is on display this year, but the sultry, smokey gray is particularly popular.

display cabinetsSexy silhouettes and geometric shapes are gracing cabinet fronts, chests and buffets. Curves are definitely in!

dining chairsPurple, the color that symbolizes both royalty and passion, has been crowned the color to watch this year.

upholstered chairsSkull motifs, already hot in Europe, have made their way from the Paris runway to U.S. living rooms...and just in time for Halloween!

sofas and setteesWhile color is certainly making its mark this year, neutrals are still very popular, especially blends of linen and burlap.

Acrylic furnitureSculpted acrylic tables and chairs are back and designers are mixing them with every style.

dining tablesAs if to show how whimsical life can be, in contrast to the acrylic comeback, rich natural wood furniture is also on trend.

Coastal furniture and decorAnd finally, adding coastal decor to any setting is also in vogue, as if to say, make every room your own private escape...and enjoy every moment!

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