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Article: Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern Style - Belle Escape

Mid Century Modern Style

In recent years, Mid Century Modern style has become an increasingly popular style that appeals to a wide audience. Evoking traditional pieces from the 1950's and 60's, this trend gives them a more modern spin on classic design. According to many top designers, this is definitely a trend to follow in 2017.  Anna van Dongen of Space Matters says: "The design styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s will feature strongly in the 2017 interiors. At this year’s Milan furniture exhibition, the designers influence from the colours, shapes and materials of the mid-century era was clearly evident. The retro vibe won’t be restricted to furniture but will include lighting and accessories inspired by iconic retro designs."
mid-century modern dining room
The trick with mid-century design today is to make the space feel updated for today's homes. No need to live in a time capsule! The clean lines, low-slung sofas and chairs, and statement lighting pieces can be married beautifully with a sophisticated, Urban Loft aesthetic.
mid-century modern living room
Adding an interesting texture, geometric pattern or artwork piece can give your space a more comfortable and updated 2017 feel. The wood and leather pieces characteristic of that time appeal to our senses wanting to connect with nature, so let them be the focal point.
mid-century modern bedroom
mid-century modern living room
As with any modern styling, it is important to keep things simple. Minimalism showcases the actual furnishings rather than the clutter, so keep things functional, but sparse. Once you discover how versatile mid-century furnishings can be, we bet you will become a fan as well. We encourage you to implement pieces in your home to create a fresh take on a classic style. See more mid century furnishings and decor at

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