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Article: White Shabby Chic

White Shabby Chic - Belle Escape

White Shabby Chic

Time worn, cottage-inspired pieces combine with soft textiles, unique lighting, and feminine touches, making White Shabby Chic a personalized, relaxed style that’s easy to make your own. From cozy bedrooms to spa-inspired baths, the emphasis is on an atmosphere of comfort and easygoing elegance.
White Shabby Chic Bedroom
white shabby chic bedroom with crystal chandelier.
Photo Source: For Creative Juice
Transforming a bedroom is easy with a few basic pieces that incorporate vintage-inspired flourishes while offering a blend of exceptional materials and easy-care finishes. With white shabby chic, the look is both sophisticated and lived-in; comfortable bedding, natural fabrics, and lots of plump pillows create an inviting atmosphere. Accessories like mirrors, lamps, and lacy curtains lend timeless appeal while old-fashioned florals add just a touch of color here and there.
White Shabby Chic Dining Room
white shabby chic dining room with French shabby chic chairs with frilly white aprons
Photo Source: Desde My Ventana
Sconces, candles, and a crystal chandelier contribute a romantic feel to this white shabby chic dining room. A basic dining room table paired with elegant chairs, ruffled cushions, and a vintage mirror complete the transformation. Simple botanical centerpieces contribute a natural touch while complementing simple table settings. The overall effect is mesmerizing, relaxing, and wonderfully welcoming.
White Shabby Chic Vanity
whit shabby chic bedroom with vanity table and chair
Photo Source: Harpers Bazaar
Shapely curves, carved floral and botanical accents, and neutral florals contribute femininity without employing much color. In a white shabby chic setting, considerable emphasis is placed on texture; note the interplay of the chair’s woven cane back, the luscious textiles, and even the smoothness of ceramic, glass, and mirror surfaces. Distressed details and old-fashioned shapes contribute to the timeworn, comfortable feel. Enjoy the look throughout your home, or focus on small, oasis-like settings here and there.
White Shabby Chic Living Room
white shabby chic living room with vintage decor
Display vintage treasures in the cozy confines of a white shabby chic living room, grouping like items to create a fantastic tableau. This eclectic style is easy to pull off with just a few foundation pieces like a comfortable couch, a vintage-inspired coffee table, and a side chair or two. Flouncy ruffles, textured afghans, and cozy pillows combine with lush centerpieces, creating a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining, watching your favorite shows, or getting lost in a juicy novel.
White Shabby Chic Home Office
white shabby chic desk
Photo Source: We Heart It
Soft, faded linens, little botanical touches, and found objects transform basic pieces such as armchairs and writing desks into personalized works of art. Part of the fun of white shabby chic decorating is had in finding treasures to display as the seasons change.
White Shabby Chic Bathroom
white shabby chic bathroom with vintage tub
In the bath, white shabby chic means sheer, romantic curtains, a classic clawfoot tub, and a distressed table or chair that offers a blend of functionality and visual appeal. With this decorating style, there’s no need to worry about matching colors; in every setting, the many shades of cream and white coexist seamlessly while helping even the palest colors stand out.
White Shabby Chic Kitchen
white shabby chic kitchen table
Photo Source: Pinterest
A white distressed farmhouse table, mix-and-match chairs and benches, and vintage or antique-inspired accessories can easily transform an eat-in kitchen into a welcoming, white shabby chic oasis. Little touches like old ruffled throw pillows, real fabric napkins, and old cutlery make for a welcome change from the ordinary. A painted chandelier replaces a contemporary light fixture, adding the perfect finishing touch. 
White shabby chic is a look that you can easily create all at once or over time. So easy to personalize, it celebrates the beautiful patina of aged furnishings, the freshness of simple florals, and the many marvelous textures of fabric. Soft, welcoming, and unabashedly feminine, this style readily transforms homes of every kind.

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