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Article: Decorating with Natural Elements

Decorating with Natural Elements - Belle Escape
cottage chic

Decorating with Natural Elements

springtime decor collection
Treasured vintage botanical prints, animal art, and reproductions make decorating with natural elements a fun and tranquil experience. Popular since the 1800's, flora and fauna inspired artwork has been a common theme throughout history - even the earliest humans used images of plants and animals to add interest to their dwellings. Whatever your style, you'll find that there are many simple methods for adding botanical prints and animal motifs to your decor.
decorative animal sculptures and bottles 
You may use an array of decorative objects to prepare your home for the change of seasons. This method is perfect for incorporating flora and fauna themed items to your space without making rooms feel cluttered. Tightly grouped objects such as sculpted rabbits, faux birds' nests, ceramic vases or candlesticks, or whimsical sculpted sheep are just right for spring decorating. Add a few stems of natural pussy willows (or faux, if you don't have access to a tree) along with other botanical touches, and finish up with a few colorful birds. It's quick and easy to change the way your space looks, and the feel is both refreshing and welcoming - a bit like spring itself! If you love vintage botanical prints and similar artwork, why not consider adding it to your home on a permanent basis? Printed art can be employed on any wall. Consider a painted chest for a more impressive impact. Colorful birds and butterflies add even more life to a painted chest.  
painted bird chest
painted chests from Belle Escape
Painted chests are beautiful in the bedroom, and so are other forms of flora and fauna inspired art. Here, an ornate headboard and simple linens balance a carefully curated butterfly collection. Imagine a similar collection of botanical prints arranged in a group and placed over an imposing piece of furniture; the effect automatically softens the room's feel and imparts a welcome sense of peace.
cottage style bedroom
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Carved elements add a hint of natural beauty to your space, as do flora and fuana themed textiles. A plainer backdrop and simple greenery keep the look fresh while preventing the space from appearing busy or cluttered.
Bird themed bedroom
Consider a painted chest if elements such as wall art and plain textiles are preferable to prints. You can reverse the theme too, employing a carved, painted headboard inspired by images found on vintage botanical prints and pairing it with plainer nightstands or chests.
There are so many ways to bring nature's beauty into your home! How will you decorate?   More articles on natural style decorating: Earthy Chic Natural Furniture Trend Natural Boho Chic: Style Elements for Home Elegant Outdoor Furniture

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