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Article: Nine Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas

Nine Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas - Belle Escape

Nine Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas

Here are nine coastal cottage decorating ideas that you'll love. Coastal cottages are the perfect escape homes - dreamy places where you can get away from everyday life, and where you find a smile on your face the moment you arrive. Coastal escapes are made for relaxing, listening to the gentle sound of the waves, and watching beautiful sunsets wash the horizon from the comfort of a cozy veranda. A popular trend these days is to bring the feel of the beach into everyday life by making your home into a private retreat. Here are some coastal cottage escape decorating ideas that will transform your home, whether it's on the beach or in the city, into a sanctuary where you can relax, renew, and refresh.
1. Coastal Shabby Chic Decor
Coastal shabby chic s a style that can be a work of art in itself, with faded blue and sand tones that evoke the blurred lines of sea, sky, and shoreline. A comfortable getaway where furnishings are soft and simple, finishes are pleasantly aged and distressed, and accent pieces give a nod to the nautical, a coastal shabby chic home feels relaxed, so life seems effortless and carefree. Add anything French or floral to make home even more unique and inviting.
coastal cottage style furniture
2. Aqua Coastal Decor
Dreamy aqua coastal interiors seem cool and serene, with shades from teal to turquoise bringing respite from the rush of everyday. Glistening beads, softly sanded sea glass, and ocean-inspired objects add interest while providing a platform for sublime self-expression. This coastal cottage decorating idea features smooth, sumptuous finishes and fabrics coexist with chippy paint, creating spaces that feel relaxed yet refined.
aqua blue coastal furniture
3. Natural Coastal Decor
True peace can be found amidst natural coastal decor; soft sandy shades and sensuous textures invite relaxation. Exquisite forms bring grace to everyday objects, transforming simple lamps and light fixtures into functional works of ocean-themed art. Driftwood finishes and natural materials remind you of long walks on empty shorelines, making home a wonderful retreat.
4. Surf Style Decor
Casual and inviting, surf cottage interiors are meant for relaxation. Whimsical touches make every room a welcoming place to be while creating a sense of endless summer. Wall art takes on new meaning with vintage surfboard, oar, and nautical-inspired shapes that bring playfulness to the fore. This is truly one of the most fun coastal cottage decorating ideas!
Nautical beach style furnishings
5. Shell Inspired Decor
Seashore shell decor is at once natural and sophisticated. Opalescent cowrie and oyster shells offer up a soft, iridescent gleam, making everyday objects appear extraordinary. Like personalized works of art, each of these accent pieces is unique, with endless variations on beautifully compelling shapes that keep you in touch with the mystical world beneath the waves.
Coastal shell encrusted furniture and decor
6. Modern Coastal Decor
In the modern coastal interior, almost anything goes. Crisp lines, lacquered or lightly weathered wood, and soft, ocean-inspired colors make for inviting rooms, while contemporary shapes and sleek finishes let you indulge your sense of sophistication. Whimsical touches are found here, too, rendered in elegant yet lighthearted fashion. modern coastal furniture
7. Nautical Rope Decor
Furnishings with rustic rope adds instant interest to your space, imparting texture and a sense of natural warmth. Whether adorning elegantly shaped objects or serving as simple drawer pulls on a slightly weathered mariner's chest, this classic material is perfect for mixing and matching as you please.
8. Colorful Coral Coastal Decor
A bright, unexpected hue makes coral coastal cottage furnishings stand out, and allows you to indulge your passion for brilliant color. Lovely when utilized as an accent, coral often finds its way into stripes, regatta-inspired decor, and wall art that gives a nod to mother nature. Alone or blended with aqua tones, coral makes an unforgettable statement.
9. Caribbean Coastal Decor
Sophisticated, natural, and relaxing...the Caribbean Coastal Cottage style takes on a polished, tailored appearance that manages to exude refinement while encouraging comfortable relaxation. Contrasting shades of dark wood and wicker blend harmoniously with natural textiles and lightly weathered paint in elegant, timeless fashion. Vintage pieces coexist beautifully with new ones, and unique wall art brings a touch of whimsy with it, reminding you that life on the seashore is filled with pleasures.
Mix and match, use color as you please, and personalize with romantic touches that might include shells, flowers, chandeliers, and soft textiles. Whether you prefer a single style or can't quite decide which you like best, creating the perfect coastal cottage interior means choosing unique pieces that appeal to you and putting them together to create a stylish space that reflects your idea of the perfect escape.  

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