Vintage Glam
Glamorous Contemporary FurnitureLights, Camera, Action! Vintage Glam, or Hollywood Regency Style as it is often called, is all about the wonderful golden age of Hollywood style that spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s. The stars were the epitome of style, luxury and glamour. Often, they were filmed and photographed surrounded in plush furnishings and luxurious materials. Reflective mirrored tables, tufted velvet, bold colors, glitzy chandeliers and art deco influences are common for the high drama look.

Glamorous modern furnishingsphoto credit: Dr Macro

Shiny, glossy surfaces also characterize Hollywood Regency decor. Not only mirrored furnishings, but lacquer and high gloss painted items are important as well. Don't forget the metallic finishes, like gold and silver, to add the right amount of glitz and glam.contemporary-modern-retro-dramatic-bedroom-400Tactile fabrics and plush furnishings important elements in this design style. Velvets, silks, satins and shags are all found throughout not only a bedroom, but dressing rooms, and sitting rooms as well. Romantic touches of cream, crystal and gold also add to the effect.

contemporary furniturephoto credit: Architecture Art Design

Don't be afraid to inject a pop of color into your design. Update the look in a modern way to maintain the Regency look with a contemporary feel. It's all in the details, but be sure to keep the furniture lines classic and not over-scaled, which can often happen with more modern furnishings.

contemporary furniturephoto credit: My Luscious Life

You don't need all of these elements in order to get the Vintage Glam look. Just pick the pieces that inspire you. Many interiors actually infuse a little of the Regency style with a traditional or classic look making the room feel both glamorous and warm.ded900d4f0f1e1c704efc7f4c4d4a4b7