Vintage French Mirrors
vintage french mirrorsOriginating in Egypt thousands of years ago as religious ceremonial devices, mirrors are now used primarily for grooming, but also as interior design elements to make a room appear larger, add more reflective light to a space or simply to add a touch of sophisticated elegance to a room.France’s King Louis XIV can be credited with elevating the popularity of mirrors by creating the Hall of Mirrors at The Palace of Versailles, and voila, a new enduring trend was born. Eventually, mirrors became a status symbol of class and refinement indicating its owner had impeccable breeding.Vintage French MirrorsGold Medallion Mirror          Lattice Fleur de Lis Mirror      Vintage French Antiqued Gold MirrorAntiqued glass need not be perfect. Silvering is often worn and small chips may be present to give a vintage look to a room. Large gold mirrors have classic styling that is both simple and elegant. A mirror can also be a more decorative than functional piece that will add light and style to a room.Vintage French MirrorsUrn And Cornucopia Mirror             Vintage Hall Mirror          Vintage Shabby Trumeau MirrorTrumeau mirrors are French wall mirrors originally manufactured in the 18th century. The word Trumeau describes the space between windows where the French would like to add a decorative element and reflect more light. They were rectangular in shape with a decorative element on top and the mirror below that. Often made from wood, they could have detailed carvings and an old world feel.Vintage French MirrorsFrench Arch Antique Mirror   Crowned Pottery Fragment Mirror  Mansard Architectural MirrorSometimes when a room lacks elaborate architectural elements, a decorative mirror can compensate, instantly adding a sophisticated focal point to the room. To add elegance to any decor, architectural mirrors cappear to have been plucked from the facade of a historic building and brought into your home to admire. Lovely!Vintage French MirrorsCarved French Trumeau Mirror         Aged Provence Mirror         Hand Carved Wood MirrorArt and function all in one! Imagine a collection of these gorgeous mirrors placed together to create a sparkling display as in our main photo at the top of the page.