Romantic Living - Get the Look
Are you a hopeless romantic? Does the idea of soft lighting, plush furnishings and feminine flair make your heart flutter? Romance doesn't have to be just for Valentine's Day. Enjoy it everyday with romantic furnishings which have everything you need to create a fantasy dream room come true. We have selected a few gorgeous examples of romantic spaces from our Pinterest board that show you exactly how to get the look with items from Belle Escape and Belle Maison. Enjoy!
This bedroom is all about soothing neutrals for rest and relaxation. The crystal chandelier, draperies around the headboard and little touches of lace create a romantic ambiance.
Romantic bedroom
french shabby chic furniture
This inviting living room is a large space with old world stone walls and slab flooring, yet the fabrics, lighting and wood elements immediately warm the space and give it a soft golden glow. Throw pillows and upholstered chairs in luxurious gold silk, floral elements and curvy shaped pieces all accentuate the romantic setting.
french country living room
french country furnishings
What an elegant and appealing dining room. French is one of the romance languages, so subtle reminders of that with scripted furnishings will enhance a romantic decor. The black side chairs add a dramatic flair, but the distressed dining table balances them to make it a little less formal. Still cozy enough for an intimate dinner. The taupe colors in the chandelier blend well with the wall color so that it doesn't overwhelm the space.
french country dining room
french chandeliers
A pastel color scheme accentuated with ivory and taupe shades appeals to the romantic senses especially when wrapped up in a beautiful tufted velvet. Smell the roses, feel the velvet, see the light reflected in the over-sized mirror. Awakening the senses with romantic touches like these makes a room special and stunning.
Vintage french sitting room
Tufted sofa