Vintage French Chandeliers
Searching for that perfect centerpiece to add a dramatic lighting element to a favorite room? Our Antiqued French Chandeliers create a sense of elegance, drama, and style. Our Gilded Versaille Chic Chandelier has all of the above and makes an impressive statement with it's sweeping wrought iron arms and Old World glow. And our Crystal French Leaf Chandelier, hand carved and distressed to perfection, is a true piece of art.
vintage french style chandelliers
Perhaps you love rustic-looking French shabby chic chandeliers, the aged ones that look like they came from an old French chateau. Then our Parisian Flea Market Chandelier is the choice for you! Or for a different and more modern feel, try the French Wood Chandelier which brings together the classic beauty of a French chandelier with the modern style of natural oak wood.
beaded chandeliers
The word chandelier comes from the French word Chandelle, a type of candle  -very fitting since the original chandeliers did contain candles you would have to light individually. Luckily today, we still have the look and feel of candles, yet we have modern electricity to light the faux candles on an item such as our lovely Large French Shabby Chandelier with a full dozen candles upon it. Another large chandelier with a dozen "candles" to create a romantic glow is our Distressed Carriage Chandelier. A real showstopper with an elongated curvy bronzed iron center that makes this chandelier something truly unique. Choosing the right chandelier may be difficult, but once you find your perfect match you will love and admire its beauty for years to come.
french style chandeliers