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Article: Dream Dining Rooms

Dream Dining Rooms - Belle Escape

Dream Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are the gathering place of the home. A place where family and friends come together to enjoy a meal and each others' company. With our busy lives, many families are hard-pressed to do this for even once during their day, which makes it even more special when it happens. Make your dining area a warm, inviting place where you and your family or guests choose to linger and spend time with each other. Choose the right size table for your space. It may be a round table like our Provence Round Dining Table or long and rectangular like our French Farmhouse Dining Table. Either way, choose what feels right for your special gatherings.
Display cabinets can offer much needed extra storage for linens, dishes and serving items, while showing off some of your most treasured objects. Our Striped Hutch and Buffet (above) has all the storage you need with open shelving and lots of drawers. We also have cabinets with decorative glass doors like our Arched Cabinet with Glass Doors or Glass Door French Vitrine.  in order to keep your items safe and dust free, yet still show off the beauty of what's inside.
Selecting the right chairs for your dining room needs can be a daunting task. You need to ask yourself a few questions. 1) Who will I be seating at my table? Children will do better with hard surfaces that can be wiped down as in our Livorno Ladder Back Chairs  and adults might prefer upholstered seating as in the Regal Distressed Armchairs. 2) What is my style? Do you tend to have formal dinner parties or casual family dinners? 3) Will it match the rest of my decor? If your house is entirely in the shabby chic style, you probably don't want to select chairs that are drastically different.
dining chairs
With the season of Thanksgiving upon us it is important to evaluate your dining space and make sure you are ready for the big feast day. The table, chairs and cabinets make up the important basic bones of the room, and the linens, dishes and lighting are like the jewelry to go with the perfect outfit. When it all comes together, the effect is fabulous!

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