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Article: Spanish Villa Furnishings

Spanish Villa Furnishings - Belle Escape

Spanish Villa Furnishings

If you like the look of old-world architecture, then you’ll love the way Spanish villa furnishings can transform your home. Taking inspiration from the natural materials and graceful shapes found in traditional spaces, these pieces offer distinct features such as crisp white upholstery, antique metal embellishments, and of course, dark wood elements.
Embrace the look by using a very simple color palette that complements the traditional white stucco walls and hand-hewn beams that give traditional Spanish villa inspired spaces their clean, uncomplicated appearance.
Even without the old world architecture, it’s easy to transform a space and imbue it with traditional charm. This dining room does an outstanding job of playing on the Spanish villa theme, with its dark wood tables, elegant contrasting chairs, and gorgeous touches of wrought iron.
Color is welcome in the modern Spanish villa! Warm orange and red tones are beautifully offset by rustic woods, cool blues, and plenty of white. Note the use of different patterns and textures, which come together to give this living space a welcoming, ambient feel.
In this more formal space, you can see how the traditional Spanish villa takes its inspiration from a variety of styles including Moorish, Gothic, Byzantine, and even Renaissance.
Spanish villa dining room
Exquisite Spanish style furniture, such as these hand-carved leather-upholstered dining chairs, showcases the art of traditional craftsmanship. Rich textures and polished finishes contrast beautifully with this traditional villa's earthy surroundings. Of course, rustic Spanish villa pieces work just as well!
Natural materials including wood, metal, ceramics, stone, and even glass are combined with leather and other natural textiles, creating a sense of connection with outdoor landscaping. Why not incorporate some traditional Spanish villa landscaping outside? Even a simple patio can be transformed with bright, blooming flowers in simple terracotta pots.

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