Painted Sideboards and Buffets with Flair
Add a dash of color and flair to your dining room with a whimsical painted sideboard or buffet. Sideboards and buffets are made to store dishware, linens, silverware and other dining essentials. Not so long ago, everyone seemed to have the same wood stained sideboard or buffet, perhaps around the time that everyone had the same Black Ford Model T. But today's sensibilities long for color and differentiation. We want to express ourselves in a variety of ways, and that includes choosing furniture that is a reflection of our unique preferences. Belle Escape is all about living life in color and expressing yourself through home decor. Situated in the dining room where families convene and friends are entertained, sideboards and buffets are fabulous conversation pieces. Because each person is so unique, we've assembled a collection of colorful sideboards and buffets with lots of personality. Some are sophisticated and glamorous, other are adventuresome and daring while still others are fun loving and down-to-earth. Plus, most of our sideboards can be me made in the color or stain of your choice. Take a look of some of our colorful sideboards and buffets in French country, coastal, shabby chic and farmhouse chic styles. To see more, go to: Belle Escape Sideboards and Buffets
Painted Sideboard_Frames1
Painted Sideboard_Frames2
Painted Sideboard_Frames3
Painted Sideboard_Frames5
Painted Sideboard_Frames6
Do you see a sideboard you love? Perfect! Pick a style, then your favorite color. It's that simple. Here are just some of the colors and stains you can choose from. To see all our finish samples, go here: Belle Escape Finishes
We hope you find something that you love. More than making a statement, a painted sideboard or buffet should make you smile every time you walk into the dining room. And most importantly, it should feel like home.