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Article: Finding the Perfect Dining Table

Finding the Perfect Dining Table - Belle Escape
dining room tables

Finding the Perfect Dining Table

With fall in the air and the holidays just around the bend, it's that time of year to plan for bountiful meals around the dining table with family and friends.  Finding the perfect dining table for your home is a matter of style, size and functionality. Whether you choose a round pedestal table, a long French country table or an artistically painted table depends upon your design sensibilities, how many people will be using the table and for what purpose.
Round Pedestal Dining Tables
White Round pedestal dining table
photo credit: Benjamin Moore
Round pedestal tables provide a more intimate setting for a smaller group of family or friends. It facilitates conversation and makes it easy to have the food within everyone's reach. A perfect choice for cozy dining.
scroll border round pedestal table rustic wood top pedestal table white french round pedestal table
French Carved Stretcher Tables
Carved to perfection, these French Country charmers are loaded with character and beauty. Trestle tables are known for detail, strength, design and integrity. Create a warm, yet elegant dining experience with a French carved stretcher table.
french country carved wood dining table french farmhouse scroll stretcher table  rustic french country dining table
Double Pedestal Dining Tables
photo credit: House of Turquoise
Double pedestal tables are elegant and feature fancy pedestals on a table large enough for the entire family to enjoy. With a carved urn design, these tables are classically French and always add a touch of class to your dining room.
weathered scroll dining table white painted double pedestal dining table  rustic wood trestle dining table
Painted Dining Tables
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.13.46 PM
photo credit Home Bunch
Painted dining tables are quintessential expression pieces. They are a reflection of your personality and unique style, plus a way to add whimsy and color to your home. Painted tables can often be finished in the color of your choice and many come with artistic motifs that give them extra character and charm.
black scroll pedestal dining table unique painted pedestal dining table  wood top painted pedestal table
Family Feasting Tables
rustic dining tables
photo credit: Places in the Home
French Provencial Farmhouse tables with reclaimed rustic planks are some of the most minimal, yet durable tables you can find. Filled with old world charm, these tables are perfect for large family holiday meals and are sure to become beloved family heirloom pieces.
old world double pedestal dining table white distressed french farmhouse dining table  farmhouse dining tables
Uniquely Designed Tables
unique base dining table
photo credit: West Elm on Pinterest
For the artistically inclined with a magnetic attraction to things that are a bit different, picking a table with unusual design features is de rigeur. These tables with unique shapes, bases and embellishments are perfect for adding pizzazz to any home.
unique painted french country tables french round scroll pedestal table  baroque table
The dining table is truly the heart of the home where all members of the household meet at the end of the day to share stories and precious moments together. It can be the most utilized piece of furniture in your household, serving not only as a place to eat, but also as a place to play games, do homework, work on art projects and much more. Find the perfect dining table to make your home warm and welcoming for family and friends this, now and for years to come.

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