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Article: Mirrored Furniture is in High Demand

Mirrored Furniture is in High Demand - Belle Escape

Mirrored Furniture is in High Demand

Mirrored furniture is a top trend for 2015. It's a trend that makes sense, too, as furniture with mirrored panels can make any room look larger and lighter. Here, we offer inspiration for employing mirrored furnishings such as chests, buffets, armoires, and tables to bring out the very best in your home. It has been said that mirrors are a decorator's best friend. Much like wall or floor mirrors, mirrored furniture gives rooms sparkle, providing a bright, open feeling and offering intriguing appeal. Try placing a tall mirrored armoire between two windows to maximize natural light and make the room look more expansive. You can also create a fantastic vertical presentation by hanging an interesting mirror (or mirrors!) above a mirrored chest, buffet, or table. When used in combination with traditional mirrors, mirrored furniture can essentially trick the eyes into believing there is twice as much space. This strategy for decorating with mirrors works in rooms of any size and is incredibly effective in smaller spaces. Even a smaller piece such as an antiqued Provence mirrored cabinet can help maximize the amount of light in a room while providing vintage appeal. Geometric mirrored furniture updates and modernizes a room beautifully. Whether your style is completely contemporary, retro-mid-century, or more eclectic, a la cottage chic, you'll find mirrored furniture with geometric lines appealing. The options are endless: try a mirrored chest with hexagonal accents. The warm, natural wood and light finish combine perfectly with the angular mirror shapes to bring texture, color, and pattern into play. In a dining room, den, or bar, a mirrored buffet, sideboard or credenza maximizes space in two ways. First, it provides storage for items such as linens, dishware, and even seasonal décor. Second, it offers a simple solution for making the room itself appear more light and airy. A mirrored armoire can provide the same effect. To really take advantage of the geometric mirrored furniture trend, select pieces with interesting shapes. Small mirrored tables  come in a variety of shapes and styles, allowing you to explore the concept and employ it in even the smallest of spaces, such as a powder room or walk-in closet. With so many ways to use mirrored furniture in your home, you'll find it simple to embrace this trend and make it your own. Here are some popular mirrored furniture items from Belle Escape:

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