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Article: French Farmhouse Decorating

French Farmhouse Decorating - Belle Escape

French Farmhouse Decorating

If you like the idea of living in a charming old home in the country, you’ll love what French farmhouse decorating can do for your space. With a focus on relaxed, comfortable living, this unique style is characterized by painted chippy French style furniture, armoires and cabinets with rustic chicken wire doors, and cozy grain sack and burlap upholstered seating offset by rich hardwood floors and lots of lavender.
An accent table adds color.
Shades of white, ivory, and cream are a must for French farmhouse decorating, along with a touch of earthy color for warmth. In France, white is used as a color rather than as a neutral, so try layering cool, chalky white washes with ivories and warm, antique whites for an authentic look.
A rustic farmhouse coffee table anchors this living space.
The right fabrics make all the difference. Mattress ticking, burlap, loosely woven linen, wool, or hemp, and simple ginghams are fantastic textiles to try. While much of French farmhouse decorating revolves around rustic furniture, adding homey touches provides pop. Start with a few basics, then look for ready-made cushions and bolsters or release your inner tailor and stitch up some pillows. In a hurry? Try using old feed sacks as pillowcases to give existing cushions a quick update.
Love the contrast of the stone walls, the chandelier and the simple iron railing..
Source: Haute Design
Cozy seating in neutral fabrics in a room with natural stone, wood and iron create a look that is both rustic and elegant. Choose pieces washed in pale gray or antique white, and look for items that have been distressed to emulated old original furniture. Wrought iron, wood, and even wicker have their place in French farmhouse decorating, adding texture and creating a richly layered look of authenticity. French chandeliers, and simple objects take the look to the next level.
A rustic plank table is a French farmhouse decorating essential.
In the dining room, creativity reigns. A classic French country wood top table is elevated by the addition of upholstered chairs, and subtle organic elements,  a unique chandelier, and mixed textiles add warmth. Feel free to play with the look! French farmhouse decorating isn’t at all fussy, yet there is ample room for elegance.
A roomy dining table offers ample space for family and friends to gather.
A similar table takes on a rustic appearance when paired with vintage-inspired café chairs and old wicker baskets.
An old-fashioned clock and other simple objects amplify ambience.
In France, as elsewhere, the kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home. Layered whites, bare wood, and simple tile accents combine to create an authentic space. A mantelpiece adds interest and serves a utilitarian purpose, increasing storage and display space. New appliances in stainless steel look just right alongside vintage-inspired work tables and rustic objects. Don’t worry about introducing all the above elements into your home at once! Even one or two pieces bring the ambiance of French farmhouse decorating home. Adding baskets, wire work, and a few simple textiles provides an instant touch of authenticity.

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