Etoile Expandable Jupe Dining Table


Old-world elegance and unique features make the Etoile Expandable Jupe Dining Table a marvelous addition to your home. Timber frame architecture inspires its graceful pedestal base, and a stainless steel band adds a unique contrast to the bottom edge of the apron. A beautiful star pattern expands as the leaves are opened, and a deep stain reveals the beauty of the solid walnut wood and oak veneer from which it is made. Whether you leave this table unadorned or dress it in your favorite linens, you’ll love its antique-inspired design as well as its space-conscious profile.

• Crafted of solid walnut wood; top star pattern is oak veneer
• Stainless steel trim and Old World Walnut finish
• Available in medium (54"-70") and large (64"-84")

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DIMENSIONS H: 30" X W: 54" X W: 70" X
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Expands 54" to 70"
Expands 64" to 84"
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