Midnight Sapphire Cabinet


Absolutely incredible! Add color and personality to your space with the Midnight Sapphire Cabinet, which combines form and function in the best possible way. The look begins with sycamore veneers, which have been angled to create a unique effect that shows off the wood’s grain beautifully. A dark sapphire finish contrasts perfectly with the cabinet’s glossy caviar black exterior, and antique brass pulls complement the base, which is also of antique brass. Sculpted details balance the top while imparting a touch of whimsy, and adjustable shelves add versatility to the interior.

• Natural sycamore wood, mahogany, and metal construction
• Three doors finished in dark sapphire
• Caviar black exterior
• Adjustable interior shelves
DIMENSIONS H: 36" X W: 54" X D: 19"
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