Illuminate Your Home With an Artistic Lamp
Add artistic flair to your decor with a lamp that is a work of art! Artistic lamps are not only functional, but also accentuate your decor and bring a touch of whimsy into a room.
blue coastal lamps
These coastal lamps add a pop of color to make a coastal cottage feel more vibrant.
rustic style lamps
These richly stained lamps add a rustic feel to any room - and the nature scenes painted on the shades add to the charm.
Industrial chic lamps
To add a masculine touch to a room, these industrial chic lamps with wrought iron bases are the perfect choice.
shabby chic lamps
These aged and distressed shabby chic style lamps can make a room feel warmer, prettier and more inviting.
natural coastal lamps
For nature lovers, lamps with earthy elements can bring the outdoors inside and create the perfect home oasis.