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Article: High Point Market Design Trends for 2017

High Point Market Design Trends for 2017

Just back from the Fall 2016 High Point Market with a report on styles and design trends for 2017. High Point Market is the largest furniture show in America and takes place twice annually in High Point, NC. The Fall market features items that will go on display in the Spring of 2017. Many of the same styles that are popular today, such as Mid Century Modern and Modern Farmhouse, will continue to prevail in 2017, but with more natural materials materials, more sophisticated and neutral color palettes and a hint of glam. Shown below are some of the most notable High Point Market design trends we found at the October 2017 show.
Mid Century Modern
Mid Century Modern continues its reign as today's most trendy home furnishing style. While the classic colorful, Jetson- looking pieces are still found in abundance, more glamorous mid century modern pieces have emerged, made from from metals, acrylic and luxurious fabrics. Expect to see more of this trend in the coming years.
Mid Century Modern Chairs
Elegant mid century modern chair
Tudor Mid Century Modern Chair
Farmhouse Style
Modern farmhouse style  is currently at the forefront of design, with many showrooms seamlessly blending sleek modern pieces with cozy farmhouse treasures. This style can be interpreted many different ways, making the task of selecting furniture and decor particularly fun. However, behind this trend is something more substantial: a yearning for a healthier, more authentic lifestyle. We lead fast-paced lives and technology is an integral part of it, but, for many, filling the cupboards with organic foods and decorating with authentic, farmhouse style furnishings just feeds the soul, making this style irresistible.
Painted farmhouse buffet
Distressed farmhouse buffet table  
Industrial Chic
 Industrial Chic style has been around quite some time, but it continues to be a popular trend.  The mix of rustic materials with modern designs is a perfect combination for those who love the more urban look but still want a warm and rustic feel in their home.
soho industrial chic sideboard
Soho Chic Sideboard
 Minimalist Accent Pieces
Furnishings with natural forms and materials are right on trend as design leans toward more sustainable, natural living, but with modern flair. Accent tables with metal bases and tops made from natural elements, such as stone, wood or metal, are  part of this season's top design trends.
Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes are one of the hottest trends this season, with unique designs being applied to furniture and lighting alike. Honeycomb shapes are particularly on trend, with shelves and cabinets shaped liked bee hives and chests and decor featuring textured honeycomb designs. This honeycomb carved buffet was a show standout!
Geometric honeycomb modern credenza
honeycomb shape shelf room divider
French Striped Linen Craze
French striped furniture pieces and decorative items seem to making a comeback. Such pieces have always had a niche market, but creative designers are finding ways to make old French linen look fresh and new.
blue-linen-chairs Jeweled Furniture Hardware
Both modern and traditional furniture items have been given a fresh new look  this season with bold, ornamental hardware that truly makes a statement. Designers are finding that classic pieces can take on a completely new look with fancy hardware - and customers are loving the bejeweled look!
gold bombe chest
Gold Bombe Chest
silver diamond chest
Silver Diamond Chest
While there were many other magnificent styles, colors and design elements on display at High Point Market this fall, the design trends mentioned in this article will give you a flavor for the types of items you can expect to seeing in magazines and in retail stores in the Spring of 2017.  

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