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Article: Elements of French Decorating

Elements of French Decorating - Belle Escape
canape francaise

Elements of French Decorating

French decorating encompasses styles from many periods in French history and regions throughout France. Whether it be French Country, Vintage French or Old World Chateau , all of these styles can be distinctly French, yet would not necessarily blend well together in one room design. Choose pieces with similarities in color palette , fabric, wood or style that complement each other. The three choices below are great examples of how curves, color and elegance can blend together into a feminine flair that is clearly French.
Vintage french style furniture
What says French-style more than anything is a magnificent chandelier. Romantic, glamorous, glittering works of art that add the perfect amount of light to any room. You can go stately and sublime or large and dramatic. Ranging from wood to metal, crystal or glass,  a chandelier can definitely be the crown jewel of a home
Vintage french style chandeliers
One of the best ways to incorporate the illusion of space and light is to add a mirror to a room. This is often a quick way to infuse a room with a French feel. French accent mirrors provide that extra architectural element or sparkle of glamour as well. There are many gorgeous French mirrors to choose from, so finding one to suit your preferences can be simple. Try a traditional trumeau mirror or the large gilded variety to make a bold statement. Antiqued and masterfully crafted, these mirrors will reward you with a finished look to your space.
Vintage french style mirrors
Elegant burlap? Is it even possible? Oh, yes and a very popular way to modernize a traditional french designed couch or chair. It is a trend that appears to have staying power. Easy to maintain and care for, burlap and natural linen fabrics offer a common color scheme and a greener choice for fabrics. French burlap fabrics are often seen as scripted or vintage coffee sacks integrated into country decor, but this more modern take on tradition is more formal and chic. Of course nothing is more luxurious and elegant than velvet. What could be more vintage French than an expertly tufted and upholstered velvet sofa? Lovely lines, soft features and so comfortable, it is no wonder velvet fabrics have been used in French design for centuries.
Vintage french style sofas and settees
Vintage French decor can be country casual or vintage formal, but normally not minimal. Accessories play a key role in a French inspired room and are usually abundantly placed throughout. Every detail adds to the overall style you are hoping to create  -it's all in the details. Add interest and character with accessories to let all who enter know your home is your castle. For a truly authentic, antique look try adding aged, white pottery.  It is a timeless way to add instant Old World charm to your decor. For finishing off your French design, remember you don't always need to follow the rules, just suivez votre coeur (follow your heart).
vintage french style decor

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