Cottage Style Furniture
Cottage style decorating is an American favorite thanks to the comfort and versatility if offers. Cottage style decor blends the old with the new to create a cozy yet eclectic look that is always personal. In cottage style interiors, you will often find rustic wood tables with white distressed wood or cane back chairs and hand-painted furniture pieces in pastel shades or with floral or patterned hand-painted motifs. And what makes cottage style decorating particular fun is that there is always room for your favorite flea market finds, such as porcelain or glass vases, antique wall art and time worn books.
cottage style dining room
photo credit: Fipsaslodi
Cottage style interiors are often light and breezy, with white distressed furniture, lightly painted walls and touches of spring time flowers here and there. There's a feeling of being in a cozy country home where life is just a little more relaxed, and perhaps a bit sweeter.
cottage style bedroom  
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Cottage style often has influences of Italian and French country interiors.  For example, rustic exposed beams and wood flooring capture that warm, farmhouse appeal and the clean, uncluttered neutral color scheme is typical cozy cottage. Functional built-ins are representative of a cottage space, helping to achieve that visually uncluttered appearance. This room is large, but intimate as well with a comfortable sitting area and inviting dining table. A guest immediately feels at home without worrying they shouldn't touch anything or sit anywhere for fear of ruining a precious item. These furnishings only get better with age and use.
cottage style furniture and decor
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The relaxed, beach cottage feel is a perfect match for the summer months. The sand colored rug and shades of blue grays and white make me think of a cool, foggy day at the seaside. Cottage style furniture and decor is adaptable to many different styles and can be combined in a flattering way. The result will always appear fresh, bright, welcoming and utterly charming!
cottage style furniture and decor
photo credit: Coastal Living