French Balloon Back Chairs

French canopy chairs are fit for a king and queen, with a rounded balloon top that makes the chair as cozy as it is regal. Belle Escape carries both cane woven canopy chairs and upholstered ones, either in a linen fabric or a mix of linen and burlap for the classic French country style look. Many of our canopy chairs can be ordered in the finish and fabric of your choice. Canopy chairs add an air of old world sophistication to a living room and will delight guests in your extra bedroom. You can even use them as host and hostess chairs. Shop for French canopy balloon chairs at
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Classic French Balloon Back Chair
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Modeled after a 16th century porter’s chair, the classic French Balloon Back chair is capable of providing intimacy or solitude as you see fit. Featuring a gleaming frame of hand-carved mahogany, this beautiful piece is upholstered in linen, adorned with...

White Wash Rattan Balloon Chair
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A cozy, comfortable nook for reading or watching your favorite show, the white wash rattan balloon chair makes an enviable addition to your space. Its Victorian-inspired profile offers a sense of privacy and security, and comfortable linen upholstery imparts welcome...